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Article one: About monkeys and humans

Monkeys are very similar to us in many ways.Most have ten fingers and ten toes,and brains much like ours.In fact,Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution says that monkeys and humans share a common ancestor.

Monkeyshine is one of these expressions to show tricks or foolish acts.The meaning is clear if you have ever watched a group of monkeys playfully chasing each other:pulling tails,stealing food,doing tricks.

Monkeying around with something means that you do not know what you are doing.When you feel like doing something but have no firm idea of what to do,you are monkeying around. It is just a way to pass the time.

Monkey business usually means secret,maybe illegal activities You may come across a news report that there is monkey business involved in building the new airport,with some officials getting secret payments from builders.

Monkey suits are common names for clothes or uniforms soldiers wear.In earlier years in many American cities,you would find men playing musical hand organs on the street.

Dancing to the music would be the man’s small monkey that was dressed in a tight—fitting,colorful jacket similar to a military uniform.So,people began to call a military uniform a monkey suit.

Article two: Break Your Bad Mood

Having one of those days or weeks – when everything seems to annoy you? Even if you do nothing about it, your bad mood will probably go away after some time. But with a little effort, you can forget it much faster – often within a day or two.

Walk it off

Exercise is the most popular bad-mood buster. A person who’s in a bad mood his low energy and high tension. Taking a fast ten-minute walk, or doing some quick exercise can do wonders towards changing that bad mood.

Tune it out

Listening to your favorite music for a while can also make tension go away quickly, because music starts associations with past positive experiences we’ve had.

Give yourself a pep talk

Stop and listen to what’s on your mind. Bad moods are often started by too many negative thoughts.

Write them all down on paper-the pessimistic messages you’ve been giving yourself and then give optimistic answers. (“I still don’t have a job.” Vs “I have two interviews next week.”)

Reduce your stress

Relaxation techniques are wonderful mood-lifters. These include deep breathing, stretching and visualizing, all of which sound complicated but aren’t. One easy way to visualize: close your eyes and picture a favorite place, such as the beach.

Another simple way to be against distress is to make a to-do list. One reason for being in a bad mood is feeling you have no options. By taking control over certain areas, you realize you’re not helpless. You can make changes in your mood and life.

Avoid things that won’t improve your mood.

TV may not help much: You need to increase your energy level and stimulate your mind – something that TV show “Neighbors” won’t do. And before you reach for that piece of cake and coffee, think about how mood and food are linked. Sugar and caffeine contribute to depressed moods.

A better choice? Research shows that carbohydrates, such as potatoes and pasta ,produce a calming effect on people who have a desire for them.

Article three: The story of Apollo

Among the crowd of Olympian gods the most famous one was Apollo. He was the son of Zeus and Letto.

According to Greek mythology, Letto was driven by Hera, Zeus’ wife, from land to land and at last Poseidon took pity on her and Brought the island of Delos out of water for her to live on. There she gave birth to the twins, Apollo and Artemis.

Wearing a purple robe, Apollo usually sat in his bright eastern palace early in the morning and made ready to start his daily journey across the sky.

During the day he drove his carriage of gold and ivory, and brought light, life and love m the great world below. In the afternoon he came to the end of his journey in the far western sea and got on his golden boat to return to his eastern home.

Apollo was the god of music and poetry. He could bring about all feelings, which are expressed in his noble songs. With his gold musical instrument and the sweet accents of his godlike voice he led the choir of the muses at Olympus.

The pleasant music was so exciting that stones marched into their places of their own will in musical time when he helped Poseidon build up the walls of Troy.

On one occasion, invited to a contest by the human musician Marsyas, he won and then flayed him to death for his pride. On another occasion, he lost at a musical contest and turned the ears of the judge, King Midas, into those of an ass.

Apollo stood for youthful and manly beauty. His golden hair, stately manner and air all combined to make him the admiration of the world.

A beautiful girl, by the name of Clytle, was so fond of his beauty and glory that from dawn to dusk she knelt on the ground, her hands outstretched towards the sun god, and her eyes looked at his golden wheeled carriage racing across the blue sky. Though her love was not returned, she had never changed her mind about

Apollo, The gods were moved at the sad sight, and Changed her into a sunflower.

Article four: The fish that fell from the sky

Stepping into a pool of water is common enough, but who could ever imagine stepping into a pool of fish? In February of 1974, Bill Tapp, an Australian farmer, saw a rain of fish that covered his farm. How surprised he must have been when he heard many fish hitting against his roof!

What caused this strange occurrence? This is a question that had long puzzled people who study fish. The answer turned out to be a combination of wind and storm.

When it is spring in the northern part of the world, it is fall in Australia. Throughout the autumn season, terrible storms happen and rains flood the land.

The strong winds sweep over Australia like huge vacuum cleaners, collecting seaweed, pieces of wood, and even schools of fish. Strong winds may carry these bits of nature for many miles before vacuum dropped them on fields, houses and astonished people.

Although they seem unusual, fish-falls occur quite frequently in Australia. When Bill Tapp was asked to describe the scene of fish, he remarked, “They look like millions of dead birds falling down.’’

His statement is not surprising. The wonders of the natural world are as common as rain. Nature, with its infinite wonders, can create waterfalls that flow upward and fish that fall out of the sky.

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