Best 11 stationery and envelopes are recommendation

Best 11 stationery and envelopes are recommendations

1. cute Lovely Special Design Writing Stationery Paper with Envelope

This letter and envelope is 7.1×5.2 inches in size and has a lovely design, but it has some typographical errors.

One avid letter-writing buyer said she was fascinated by the subject as a young woman and had more than 80 pen PALS.

She says it works well in many of the styles she uses.

She added that the envelope would fit easily into two folded pieces of writing paper and that they were beautiful and thick.

However, there is no pre-adhesive on the flap.

So, if you want to stick it together, you also need to buy a bottle of glue.

In addition, the package of this set is a plastic cover.

2.Count Writing Stationery Paper Letter Set with Count Envelopes

These letters have a retro look.

If you want to host a birthday, wedding, party, or company event, you can use it as an invitation.

In addition, its size is 8.5 x 11 inches.

One buyer said he bought the paper to highlight the importance he attached to his family and friends.

He said the paper looked the same as the picture and was thick.

It can also be used to print text on a printer to save time.

Another buyer said: ‘If you like vintage, or if you are a Harry Potter fan, then you will definitely love this writing paper.’

Besides, she thought the envelope was bigger than it looked in the picture.

3.Stationery Cards With Envelopes Set – Blank Inside, Includes 6 Unique Designs

These cards come in six different designs and are 4×6 inches in size.

In addition, the envelope of the card comes with a seal sticker.

With these stickers, you can seal the envelope without buying glue.

These cards have a wide range of uses and you can use them in situations that suit their style.

In addition, the seller says that if you don’t like the cards, you can return them and get a full refund.

One buyer said he had been looking for a card to send to his father, who has Alzheimer’s disease, and said it was the one he thought would be most appropriate.

In the end, he said his father was delighted to receive the card and thanked its designer.

Another buyer said COVID-19 forced her to stay at home all the time, which is why she loved writing letters.

She said the paper was of good quality and cost effective.

Another buyer said he loved sending cards to church members and friends to let them know he cared.

Having said that, he says the card is much better looking than wal-mart’s.

4.Writing Paper Letter Set ,includes 10 Different Color Ink Painting Classic Vintage Antique Design

The package consists of forty pieces of writing paper and twenty envelopes. It is well designed and can be used as a greeting card for friends, and it is well written on it.

In addition, the paper can also be used for writing and doodling.

If you want to mail these envelopes, you have to check with the post office to see if they can be mailed.

One buyer said he thought the quality of the paper was good enough to pass for art.

One of her friends said it was the most beautiful piece of writing paper she had ever seen.

Another buyer said the letters and envelopes were beautiful but didn’t come with a seal.

So if you want to seal the flap of the envelope, you have to use glue or tape.

These letters can’t be printed, they have to be written by hand.

If you want to use a printer, you should never buy these stationery.

5.Blank Cards with Envelopes, Hummingbird

The cards measure 4.12x 5.87 inches and are packaged in a patterned box.

One buyer said he liked the cards and thought the details were good.

She later added that she has never been disappointed by the brand and that it makes great cards.

Another buyer said he had never written a letter but fell in love with it after using the card.

Of course, the card is pretty, but you’ll also need to buy some standard envelopes if you want to use them in the mail.

Some of the cards had a hummingbird motif, others had a floral motif.

These designs are so beautiful that your friend will be very happy if he receives the greetings you have written on these cards.

6.American Greetings Stationery Sheets and Envelopes

There are eighty pieces of writing paper and forty envelopes in this package. The size of these writing paper is 8x 5.5 inches.

It is very appropriate if you are writing letters, notes and other special information.

Besides being fashionable, this set is also practical.

On most occasions, it draws praise for its exquisite design.

In addition, you can put a piece of writing paper filled with good wishes in the gift you are going to give to others, so that they can feel that you value them.

One buyer said the paper was stylish, but it had a bad chemical smell.

As a result, she says she doesn’t dare use the paper to write to friends or relatives.

In addition, the paper is very thin.

besides to the bad reviews, the card also has some good reviews.

So, if you want to buy it, check out the comments on its purchase page.

7.Santa & Reindeer Holiday Letterhead & Envelopes

The set of letters and envelopes is Christmas-themed and can be printed in a printer.

The letters are filled with lovely Santa Claus and reindeer.

In addition, the designs of the letters are covered with snow.

If you plan to buy this set for Christmas, you can also buy a stationery advent calendar.

The envelopes are standard in size and can be sealed directly, saving money on glue.

One buyer said it was sending the letters to Alaska to be postmarked at the North Pole and then sent back to the children.

When the children received these letters, they all thought that they were from Santa Claus, so they were very happy.

8.Vintage Stationery Floral Writting Paper Matching Envelopes Sets

The designs on the writing paper are some retro flowers, which look elegant and beautiful.

It can be used to write invitations or birthday cards to your relatives and friends.

This stationery can be printed in a printer to help you save time in writing letters.

In addition, if you want to seal the envelope of this set, you will need to buy glue.

One buyer said it looked beautiful, but the writing paper had to be folded in half to fit into the envelope.

He says this shortcoming may prevent many people from buying it.

Another buyer said he had received several pieces of faded writing paper.

In general, most buyers don’t like the package.

The first is that the writing paper must be folded to fit the envelope, the second is that you have to buy glue to hold the envelope together, and the third is that there are a few pieces of faded writing paper.

9.Vintage Paper and Envelopes – Classic Aged Paper Design

The stationery set comes in six unique designs and is 8.5 x 11 inches in size.

These cards can be placed on a printer to print text.

In addition, it can be placed in the home as a decoration.

If you don’t like the stationery set, the seller says it can return the item unconditionally within 30 days.

One buyer said the quality of the paper was very good.

If you are used to writing with a pen, it is highly recommended that you buy it.

Another buyer said he was a pen collector and was always looking for writing paper suitable for pens

When he used it, he said it was perfect for writing in pen.

In addition, he says the paper is good value for money.

Another harry Potter fan said the paper had a magical feel and he could use it to create an acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

10.Old Fashioned Kraft Paper Envelopes and Writing Stationery Paper

This writing paper is made of brown paper and its size is 8.26 x 5.7 inches

It has a lot of beautiful pictures on it, and it’s perfect if you want to write a special letter.

One buyer said the paper was beautiful and retro, and he couldn’t wait to write to friends and family after receiving it.

Another buyer said the paper was beautiful, but the design and theme made it unsuitable for anyone.

11.Japanese Stationery Paper and Envelopes

This cute Japanese letter paper comes in six graphic styles and you can use it as an invitation and a thank-you note.

If you want to buy printable stationery, buy it as well as some of the printable stationery mentioned above.

This letter paper has large margins and allows you to write a lot of words.

So, if you have a lot to write about, there’s no problem buying it.

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