13 pieces of stationery recommendation

Best 13 pieces of stationery are recommendations

1.loose-leaf notebook

A loose-leaf notebook is made up of cover, binder and paper. The biggest difference between it and ordinary notebook is that the paper inside it can be added or removed at will.

Therefore, if you want to take full notes on a subject, loose-leaf notebooks are perfect.

When I was in high school, I used loose-leaf notebooks.

When I need to make a note, I take notes from the pages in the loose-leaf notebook and put them in the appropriate area of the loose-leaf notebook.

By contrast, if you take notes in a regular notebook, it will be less convenient than loose-leaf notebooks.

In addition, loose-leaf notebooks can be used for Weekly & Monthly Planner Refill.

2.correction tape stationery from japan

After you have covered the wrong words with a correction tape, you can write the correct words again.

This stationery was invented in Japan in 1989.

With it, there are great benefits in learning.

Let me tell you, the correction tape helped me a lot in my school days.

Of course, the premise is to buy a good correction tape.

Some of the bad correction tape I was able to buy was so bad that it put me in a bad mood.

However, if you use a good correction tape for expensive, it will really help you a lot.

Moreover, this price correction tape design is very much like art, looks will let a person’s mood change good.

3.staples stapler

If you need to staple the paper, you definitely need a stapler.

When I was in middle school, I often had to sort out a lot of test papers I had done.

In order to sort them into different categories, I usually sorted them into subjects and then stapler them up.

After being nailed up, I can find the past test paper more easily in the later review.

This practice also greatly improved my learning efficiency.

In addition to being useful when studying, it is also very useful when working.

4.file bag

There are many types of file bags that can be used to hold all kinds of documents.

In addition, the file bag can be used to hold a large number of test papers.

When I was in high school, I had to do several test papers a day, and I bought a lot of file bags to distinguish the papers of different subjects.


A compasses is a cartographic tool used to draw circles or arcs.

It is usually made of metal and consists of two parts connected by a hinge, wherein adjustments can be made.

6.automatic pencil

Compared with pencils, automatic pencils don’t need to be sharpened, which can save us time and then do more things.

There are many kinds of it, you can choose according to your own needs.


The backpack is mainly used to put all kinds of textbooks, as well as all kinds of supplies.

In addition, some backpacks can also be used as school bags

In terms of type, we have to choose one that suits us.

8.pencil bag

Compared to a pencil box, a pencil bag is much more portable and can hold the most things in the smallest space.

It has a lot of materials, you can according to their own needs, choose the most suitable for their own.

It can also be called a stationery bag


If you enjoy watching a movie for at least an hour or more, Then I suggest you buy a projector.

Of course, I only recommend this if you don’t have a big TV.

Why does this premise have to be satisfied?

A friend of mine bought an expensive projector when he had a big TV at home because he thought it was fun.

As a result, he didn’t use it any more after a while.

So before you buy it, make sure you like it and need it so you don’t waste money.

After all, making money is not easy.

10.mobile phone holder

When you eat alone, you may think about watching a movie for a while.

At this time, if you don’t have a TV or a computer next to you, you can only use the mobile phone you carry along with you.

If your hands are free, it may be easy to watch a movie with your mobile phone.

But when you eat, you can’t watch movies with your cell phone in your hand.

At this time, you can only choose to use the mobile phone holder.

Besides eating, I believe you need it when you are lying in bed.


Because when you put the mobile phone on the mobile phone holder, you can avoid the phone hitting your face.

I was hit in the face by my mobile phone the day before yesterday. It was really painful.

Of course, if you want to buy it, make sure you buy the best one.

Otherwise, a poor mobile phone holder may break down after a while.

In addition to doing the above, you should also use it when driving or cycling.


Because if you want to use the GPS navigation on your mobile phone when you are driving or riding a bicycle, you must put your mobile phone on the bracket.

11.no touch door opener tool

In the face of COVID-19, you must be afraid of the places you need to touch.

At this point, we need to use the no touch door opener tool.

It has a bottle opener in it, and it can be used to press various buttons and open doors.


How often do you keep time on your phone for studying and then keep playing with it until the end of the timer?

If this is your case, I highly recommend you buy it.

There are many types of timers. If you want to buy one that does a lot of things, you can buy one that comes with an alarm clock and a clock. That way, it’s like buying three things at once.

And it could come in handy elsewhere.

For example, I can give examples of kitchens and outdoor camping.

When you’re cooking in the kitchen, you definitely need to set a timer for some dishes.

The same is true when you go camping, when you need to make a fire to cook a meal, you need to set a time to do it.

Of course, I’m only talking about plain camping here.

If you’re going on adventure camping, you don’t need it.

Why is that?

Because the outdoor watch you wear on your hand have a timing function.

13.stationery notebook

If you use a notebook to keep track of things and you’re not short of cash, I’d recommend Leuchtturm1917 and Moleskine.

These two brands are also known as the best notebook brand in the world, and you can experience a very happy feeling when you use their notebook to record things.

Of course, The main reason I think it feels that way is because it’s expensive, so it feels that way.

However, when I looked at both of these brands, as well as some ordinary ones, I really felt that they were better in terms of both quality and design.

Of course, I’m not sure about the specific situation of these two brands of notebook.

The main reason is that I have seen online that some people take them as beliefs and others think they are frauds.

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