Best 21 stationery boxes are recommendations

Best 21 stationery boxes are recommendations

1.Big Capacity Stationery Box

This pencil case can hold pens, rulers, scissors, paper clips, correction tape and other gadgets.

Its internal partition has a main compartment with five slots, a mesh pouch, and a Velcro bag.

These partitions can meet the storage of different items.

For example, you could put a cable into your mesh bag.

It is intended for students, office workers, artists, travelers, and freelancers.

If you are one of the above, this pencil case is definitely for you.

One college student buyer said the case made her campus life more organized and made her feel happy.

2.Big Capacity Pencil Pen Case

This pen case has a lot of storage space and can hold a lot of pencils or pens.

In addition, you can store small stationery items such as sticky notes and erasers in a net pouch.

You can also put some pens between the two small compartments of the pen case.

The case comes in yellow and white, so if you like those two colors, you can buy it.

In addition to being a pencil case, it can also be used as an art bag and a 3C product bag.

One buyer said he had been using the pen case for several months and said it was good and did not disappoint.

3. Large Capacity Canvas Storage Stationery Bag

This pen case is pink and has two zippers, which can satisfy the large storage capacity.

It has a front window design that allows you to clearly see the stationery inside or pick up the stationery inside.

The pencil case has a handheld strap that you can easily pick up.

It can also be used as a makeup bag where you can easily put eye shadow, makeup brushes, lipstick, eyeliner and other small objects.

In addition to being a cosmetic bag, it can also be used as a medicine bag.

It’s designed to make it easy for you to put drugs in.

In addition, it can also be used for 3c products.

You can also give it away as a gift if you don’t have to use it yourself.

4. Simple Stationery Box

This stationery box has a large capacity and is designed with three compartments to separate and organize different items.

Its main compartment opens easily, allowing you to quickly see everything inside.

And the other compartments inside it can hold all sorts of different things.

It is made of high quality waterproof canvas, which can be dustproof, scratch-proof, wear-resistant, washable and wear-resistant.

5. Cute Lovely 3D Brown Bear Stationery Box

Shaped like a brown bear, this stationery box is not only waterproof, but also easy to carry.

It has a large capacity for all kinds of stationery or cosmetics.

6.Cartoon Cute Cat Telescopic Pencil Pouch Bag

The adorable Kitty’s extendable pen bag is supported by canvas and cleaned by washing it in water.

Its weight is very light, but it can hold a lot of things.

In addition, it has a scalable function.

The way this works is by holding down the sides of the pencil case and pulling it down, it shrinks.

In this way, it changed from a stationery box to a pen container.

If you’re looking for a kitty-style pen bag that can scalable, this is the perfect choice.

7. Cute EVA Unicorn Pen Pouch Stationery Box

The pocket-like pen-case has a unicorn motif on it, attracting the love of children.

It is made of safe material, easy to clean and prevent from getting dirty.

It has a large capacity and three separate layers, making it easy to carry stationery.

8.Japanese Styled stationery box set

The set contains a plastic stationery box, four different pens, a ruler and an eraser.

The style of these items is similar to muji, but they are much cheaper than Muji.

If you’re not looking for quality and just want a Muji style stationery box set, then this is perfect for you.

9. 1.5L Really Useful Stationery Box

This transparent plastic pencil case is very practical. You can use it to hold all kinds of stationery.

One buyer said it could hold glasses, chargers and coins as well as stationery.

10. Large Handheld Pen Pouch Bag

This pen case has a lot of capacity and a handle at the top.

In addition to stationery, it can hold art tools, repair tools and 3C products.

One buyer said it had many internal compartments, good quality and cheap prices.

11. JAPYZEY JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Anime Pencil Case

This bag has a jojo motif on it, and if you are interested in this anime, you will love this bag.

Like the pencil case mentioned above, it can be used as a pencil case, makeup bag, medicine bag.

12. Multifunctional Leather Stationery Holder Storage Box

This stationery storage box can be used to organize all kinds of stationery, it is made of PU leather, and there are several boxes to allow you to organize various things in different categories.

One buyer said it not only keeps her desk clean, but also makes her in a better mood.

Another buyer said he kept three remote controls and a few small items in the stationery storage box.Now when she wants the remote, she doesn’t have to worry about finding it for as long as she used to.

13. Japan Style Glitter Stationery Organizer Storage Box

This semi-transparent multifunctional stationery box contains a small mirror and a solar calculator, which can accommodate a variety of stationery items.

In addition, it can be used as an eyeglass case.

14.Home Office Stationery Storage Box

The stationery storage box can hold mobile phones, remote controls, napkins and stationery of all kinds.

It can take your desktop from cluttered to organized.

What makes it special is that it has a rotating base at the bottom, which can be rotated in a convenient direction.

Such a pencil case can be used in your night stand, desk or any other place to keep your tidy.

15. Boys Stationery Box Set

The stationery pencil case looks like a military OFF-road vehicle and comes with a bullet-shaped rubber, four pencils, four aircraft neutral pens, a cross-country pencil sharpener and a bookmark ruler.

If your child is interested in this kind of thing, you can buy this stationery box set for your child.

Many buyers said their sons loved it.

16. Large Capacity Clear Pencil Bag

This transparent pencil case is large enough to hold most stationery items.

In addition, it can also be used as a storage bag, cosmetic bag, travel bag.

Since it’s a completely transparent bag, you can find out what’s inside without unzipping it.

One buyer said he bought it specifically for travel toiletries and said it was easy to take when he was traveling.

17. BIC Small Stationery Office Bulk Box

This BIC stationery box contains bic’s best-selling stationery of all kinds, and if you don’t want to put a lot of thought into stationery and want a pencil case, it’s a great deal.

But only if you like Bic products and use up all the stationery in it.

18. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Leather Stationery Box

This jojo-patterned pencil case has a large storage space, which can hold a variety of stationery.

In addition, the mesh pouch inside can hold the earphone cable.

If you like Jojo, you will definitely like it.

19. Pencil Case Pouch Zippered

The case is made of synthetic leather and has compartments to hold the pen in place.

It can also be used as a zero purse or for other small items.

20. MUJI Stationery Box Set

This minimalist muji case contains a variety of Muji stationery.

21. Japan Import Stationery Pencil case

This japanese stationery case is made of cotton and polyester and has a very simple design.

If you like simple style, it will definitely suit you.

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