Collection of short articles

These articles were basically completed more than ten years ago, with various aspects of content.

Article one

The following articles are about humans and monkeys, emotions, Apollo, The fish that fell from the sky.

Article two

The following articles are about honesty, convenience satellites, maps, Thanksgiving, eating habits, and daughter stories.

Article three

The following article is about memory, tools, work, telephone, thought to meet the thief.

Article four

The following articles include brother and sister’s story, Internet, Canada, environmental protection, speaking scene, feeling of objects.

Article five

The following articles are about popular games, the source of horsepower, bookstores, stories about the blind and the blind, old women, changes in women’s lives, and protection of the environment.

Article six

The following tells a dangerous story, the method of introduction, the situation of the model, the Internet and printing industry, the story of sending flowers.

Article seven

The following is about traffic during peak hours, the secret of lightning, a story with a teacher, how young people get along with their parents, and the symbol system.

Article eight

The following talks about the problems caused by pet dogs, how to make the mood better, the myth of sunflowers, movies, stories about mothers and daughters.

Article nine

The following is about the energy of Iceland, the value of philately, the situation of American students, the situation of sightseeing projects, and the stories between family members.

Article ten

The following is about body language, a city in Spain, the situation of plants, the story of teachers, the role of establishing contact channels, and the situation of agriculture.

Article eleven

The following is about a plan to go to school, the artist’s ideas, the situation of apes, the role of water, the role of the Internet, and the situation of Chinese students.

Article twelve

The following talks about the role of the river, British customs, experiments that changed the world, the role of reading, the story of a magician, and Google’s translation ideas.

Article thirteen

The following tells about a disaster, the concept of the market, the treatment of water pollution, the joy and pain of growing up, a tragic story, and the way to eat many dishes.

Article fourteen

The following are about disabled dancers, a concert, reasons for buying books, things you can do after graduation, success is not the end, birth order.

Article fifteen

The following talks about the role of forgiveness, coping with pressure, London flood warning, protection of tigers, troubles with polar bears, and views on spending time.

Article sixteen

Here is the story of Li Ning, Anne’s diary, environmental pollution, inflation, a misunderstanding.

Article seventeen

The following tells the story before independence, The story of Liberia, the reduction of ice area, the benefits of technological development, the rainmaker.

Article eighteen

The following is about the education burden in Shanghai, terrible accidents, proper dress and etiquette, and emotional intelligence.

Article nineteen

The following talks about family conflict, the Mississippi, forgiveness, reading volume, the Vietnam War, and depression.

Article twenty

The following talks about the length of life, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, anthropologists, inventions, language.

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