TOP 10 Best Printer Paper For 2021 Guide

TOP 10 Best Printer Paper For 2021 Guide

Printer paper

After seeing a lot of different brands of printer paper, even the experienced buyer will probably want to buy which one is better.

If you buy a big brand printer, these brands usually sell matching printer paper.

But as well as buying what they produce, there are many more suitable kinds of printer paper available in this age of so many different brands.

Below, I introduce ten different printer papers.

Some of them are good for printing inkjet photos, some are good for printing matte photos, some are good for inkjet printers, some are good for laser printers, some are good for everyday use, some are color printer paper.

Suitable for inkjet photos: Kodak premium photo printer paper

For a long time in the past, Kodak has been the leading company in photography.

If you look at photographs from more than a decade ago, many of them have Kodak labels on the back.

If you need to print inkjet photos right now, Kodak’s inkjet photo printer paper is the perfect choice.

It can adapt to all inkjet printers, but you should pay attention to whether the size can match the size of your inkjet printer.

This kind of printing paper can print better photos and has a glossy effect.

Suitable for Inkjet and laserjet printers,: Hammermill Printer Paper 24 lb

This printer paper is suitable for printing any document, and the files printed with it will make people feel good.

If you love environmental protection and want to print on both sides, then it is very suitable.

Its origin is the USA. If you believe in American products, you will definitely like this printer paper even more.

The printer paper is crisp white at 97 bright and has a good smooth feel.

It is acid-free paper, which can prevent the paper from yellowing. This is very important when storing important documents.

Suitable for Everyday Printing and copying: HP Paper Printer 8.5×11 Office 20 lb

This paper can be printed on inkjet printer or laser printer. The laser printer generates heat during the printing process. If the printer paper cannot bear it, it may even damage the printer itself.

But this printer paper can withstand the heat, so don’t worry about this problem.

If you want to print in large quantities, and you want to pay attention to the price, then it is very suitable.

It uses ColorLok technology to provide more vivid colors, bolder blacks and faster drying.

In addition, it is acid-free paper. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that it will turn yellow.

Suitable for Environmentally friendly high-quality printing: HP Printer Paper 8.5×11 Premium 24 lb

The thickness of this printer paper is moderate, Paper Brightness is 100 bright white, and it has smooth feel.

Whether you put it in an inkjet printer or a laser printer, you can print beautiful color patterns.

If you print on some thin paper in an inkjet printer, you might get it wet.

But if you use this type of printing paper, this will never happen.

In addition, it is compatible with all types of printers.

Suitable for color party invitations: iQ multipurpose pastel colored printer paper

If you want to print some exciting party invitations or special artwork, you can use color printer paper.

Compared with the same white printer paper, this paper is more interesting.

The weight of this paper is 24 Lb and the size is 8.5 x 11 Inches. It can be used in inkjet printers or laser printers.

In the introduction, I saw that someone used it to print sketches, and then copied them myself. In addition, some people use it to fold colorful paper airplanes.

Then they flew the paper planes into the sky and made a video.

Suitable for printing non-glare photographs: Epson premium presentation printer paper

The size of these advanced printing papers is 8.5×11 Inches, and it can be printed on any inkjet printer.

After printing, a photo without matte comes out.

If you like to see your paintings printed, you can take a good picture of your paintings and then print them out with this paper.

A buyer said that after printing out his paintings with this paper, he often felt better than his own.

In addition, you can also use this paper to print out your own photo collection. In terms of storage time, it can Resists fading up to 72 years.

Suitable for inkjet printers: HP printer paper brightWhite 24 lb

Choosing a good printer paper is as important as choosing a good printer. In general, the printer we buy for home use is basically an inkjet printer.

If you put thin printer paper into an inkjet printer, it will probably come out wet.

But you use this suitable for inkjet printer paper, there will be no such situation, but also can make the use of better effect.

It has a coating that won’t get wet even if you print on both sides.

Suitable for environmental protection: Printworks 100 Percent Recycled Multipurpose Paper

If you want to make a contribution to the environment, I highly recommend buying this type of printer paper.

It’s all made up of all kinds of discarded materials that can be used to make paper.

Although the price of this printer paper is not cheap, but you buy it, is equivalent to contributing to the earth.

The United States each year a large number of recyclable materials were sent to Asia, and made all kinds of paper products there and then shipped to the USA sales.

While their products also sound environmentally friendly, the carbon emissions from shipping them to Asia and back USA are also very polluting for the planet. By comparison, the paper is made from and manufactured in the United States, so it produces significantly less carbon emissions during transportation.

It weighs 20 Pound, has a brightness rating of 92 , and measures 8.5 x 11 Inches. It can be used on laser and inkjet printers.

Its disadvantage, mainly is not suitable for double-sided printing.

Suitable for draft paper: Office depot white copy paper

I highly recommend it if you want a special batch of cheap paper that you can use for drafting or scanning.

In addition to doing these things, the paper can also be printed in an inkjet or laser printer.

Of course, it doesn’t print as well as other recommended printer paper, and it doesn’t print on both sides.

If you insist on double-sided printing, you may waste a piece of paper.

The use of this paper would be to do drafts of difficult math problems, and when you find that your drafts are wrong, you can just throw them in the trash and not feel like wasting your money on a good piece of paper.

Suitable for eco-friendly paper: treezero tree-free 100% recycled premium multipurpose paper

The paper looks just like normal printing paper, but it’s made from material without any trees.

It is made from sugarcane residue, which is passed through a variety of industrial processes to make this environmentally friendly printer paper.

It can be placed on inkjet printers or laser printers, and has jam-free performance, suitable for high-volume use.

In addition, it is acid-free paper, so it prevents the paper from fading and yellowing.

What printer paper should i buy?

You need to choose the right type of paper according to the effect you need.

If you want to know about printing paper, you can learn from its weight, brightness, size, is it acid-free paper, does it have special coating or technology, is it environmentally friendly these points to know.

The higher the paper’s brightness level, the brighter the paper will look and the better it will print.

If the paper has a special coating or technology, it usually makes the printing better, too.

Printer paper vs copy paper

The material of printer paper is better, the thickness is thicker, and the price of printer paper is more expensive.

If you are specifically going to print, you are advised not to buy copy paper, because it is cheap, but the printing effect is not as good as printed paper.

Is printer paper acid free ?

Most of the printer paper recommended in this article is acid-free. The main advantage of acid-free paper is that it prevents the printed document from yellowing and fading.

In the library of the school I attended many years ago, there was a collection of books published in the 1980s.

Since these books are not made of acid-free paper, they are yellowing and fading.

But if they’re all made from acid-free paper and properly preserved, they might look like new books.

How thick is printer paper?

There are many weights of printed paper, and in general, the heavier the paper, the thicker the paper.

If you need double-sided printing, you are advised to choose 24-pound or larger paper, and if you don’t need double-sided printing but you want good printing results, you are advised to choose 22-pound or larger paper.

Can printer paper be recycled ?

Yes, they can be turned into new paper when they go into the waste paper recycling plant.

Can printer paper go in the oven or microwave ?

No, the paper will catch fire and burn out the oven or microwave.

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